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Fudy had an impressive first year on the market and we managed to work with many loved local restaurants.

To finish off 2022, we thought it’d be only right to bring out some restaurants that received a little bit more love from our customers than the others. All these winners were picked by data we collected and it’s based on our customers’ love for the brands.

This year, we decided to break it down into seven different categories that you can find below. As we’d like to bring out as many restaurants as possible, in addition to the primary winner, you can also find the 2nd and 3rd place winners. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump into why you landed on this page in the first place!

#1 Largest Fan Base

🏆 Winner: Vapiano

Some places get into people’s hearts and just stay there. We looked up which restaurant has the most orders with a high rating and concluded that Vapiano is our customers’ number one. 

2nd place: KFC 

3rd place: Hesburger

#2 The Reason We Invented Fudy Court

🏆 Winner: Kristiine Center

Thanks to Fudy Court, everyone can order food from up to three restaurants with a single delivery. There are many Fudy Courts, but the one that got chosen the most in 2022 was Kristiine Fudy Court. It really shows that Kristiine Center has managed to put together a great selection of restaurants that the neighbouring community highly values. We also had a look at which restaurant ends up in a Fudy Court order the most, and found out it’s MySushi. Our customers also like to add the flavours from Blender and Eesti Donuts to their Fudy Court orders.

#3 Fudy Team’s Go-To

🏆 Winner: Tokumaru 

We asked our team members to vote for their one and only go-to restaurant on Fudy. Turns out our team is a great fan of Japanese food – Tokumaru was the top choice, with Amijami not too far behind. 

2nd place: Amijami 

3rd place: Nuudel

#4 Reason to Get Some Steps In

🏆 Winner: Estonian Burger Factory 

Sometimes the weather’s so good that sitting at home and waiting for food delivery just doesn’t sound right. So, you make a pick-up order instead: throw your shoes on, get some steps in, and become your own courier. Oh boy, does that first bite taste even better after the walk! 

2nd place: Monster Pizza 

3rd place: Nuudel

#5 Source of Vitamins

🏆 Winner: Poké Bowl 

When we say fast food, your first thought is probably a greasy burger or French fries. But the days of unhealthy fast food are over. A poke bowl can be thrown together in under 5 minutes. The best part – your health will thank you! So, next time you’re in a hurry and need a quick bite, grab fast food from Poké Bowl! 

2nd place: Blender 

3rd place: Hawaii Davai 

#6 Secretly Popular

🏆 Winner: Brööder 

With this award, we wanted to bring attention to the restaurant that’s a rising star. They aren’t big yet but we’re sure they will be – the high number of orders and 5-star ratings only confirm that. Anyone who orders from Brööder is guaranteed a tasty meal that they will undoubtedly come back for in the future. 

2nd place: iL FORNO 

3rd place: SushiArt

#7 Heaviest Shopping Cart

🏆 Winner: Rucola 

Some restaurants have a wide variety of tasty options that customers order all of them at once. This award goes to the restaurant with the highest average order amount. If we had to name one food that’s meant for sharing it would be pizza – which might explain why this award goes to Rucola. 

2nd place: Mack BBQ 

3rd place: Amijami 

Of course, there are more restaurants that our customers love and we’re thankful to every single restaurant that decided to hop on board Fudy during our first year. 

Are there restaurants on the list that you haven’t ordered from yet? No worries, you can find them all on Fudy – just grab the app and find the restaurant that caught your attention. Many of these awarded restaurants have special offers running right now for a guaranteed great experience.

Let’s see where 2023 takes us! 🚀


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