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fudy dine-in order and pay

Fudy Dine-in Order & Pay: the fastest way to order and pay at the restaurant!

– One platform that combines on-site, takeaway, and delivery orders
– The number of orders increased by up to 22%
– Cart total higher by 15-30%
– 25% more time for staff to focus on orders and engage with guests

Guests Order Instead of Waiting

1. Scans 📱
Guests scan the table QR code that opens your restaurant’s menu.
2. Orders and pays 💳
Guests browse the menu, create an order, and pay directly on the phone.
3. Enjoys 😋
The order goes straight to your POS system. Guests track order preparation and get notified when the order is ready.

Greater Efficiency and Turnover

– The number of orders increased by up to 22%
– Cart total higher by 15-30%
– Reduced demand for staff
– Immediate access to sales statistics  

Overall Convenience

– One platform – three services
– In sync with your existing POS system
– QR codes on tables according to your restaurant layout
– QR code stickers with your branding in mind
– Possibility to change the menu at any time  

Higher Employee Satisfaction

– 25% more time for employees to focus on orders and engage with guests
– More tips

A Satisfied Customer Is a Loyal Customer

– Instead of waiting, guests place an order
– Online solution that doesn’t require downloading an app
– Option to leave a tip at checkout and/or after receiving the order
– Payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay or card

Interested? Let Us Know!

1. We’ll provide you with QR codes and other materials
2. Add your products to the menu online
3. We’ll set up the system together and conduct training for your staff

And you’re all set for the quickest and smoothest service!

📧 Please, get in touch by email: We will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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