How to use Fudy for on-site orders?

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Fudy Dine-in Order & Pay


In addition to delivery and takeaway orders, you can also use Fudy at the restaurant: place your order and pay for it directly on your phone.

To order at the restaurant, do the following:

1. Scan

👉🏼 If you don’t have the Fudy app

Scan the QR code on the table with your phone camera. Click on the link that opens the menu. Fill in the contact details so we could get in touch once your order is ready.

👉🏼 If you have the Fudy app

Open the app, search for the restaurant you’re at, click on “Start your Dine-in order”, and scan the QR code.

2. Order and pay

Select the products you want to order and pay by Apple Pay, Google Pay or payment card.

3. Wait for the notification and enjoy!

Wait for a notification that will let you know if the waiter will bring your order to the table or if you have to get it from the counter.

4. Order again

No worries if you get a craving for something you didn’t order! You can scan the code anytime and place a new order – even if the previous order is still in progress.

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