Who is Fudy for?

For restaurants

Our software unifies on-site, takeaway, and home delivery order management onto one platform, enhancing efficiency, quality, and turnover.

For hotels, events, etc.

Utilize the Fudy Order & Pay service for food orders anywhere, from hotels to events, effectively managing hungry crowds even around food trucks.

Food couriers

If you have a car, bicycle, or any mode of transportation and seek flexible work, we invite you to join us. To become a Fudy courier in Estonia, simply download the Fudy Courier app!

Exclusive partners

Restaurants that are only on Fudy
Ieva Salmela Hesburger

Ieva Salmela


“Estonian Hesburger restaurants have started the successful and exclusive cooperation with Fudy food delivery service at the end of summer 2022. During this time, our cooperation has developed as planned.”


Daigo Takagi


"We chose Fudy as our exclusive partner because they understand the soul and concerns of restaurants. We have been actively involved in the development of the service from the beginning. We were the first to test Dine-in Order & Pay – our needs and suggestions were taken into account at every step of the development. It is an enriching experience to be part of the development of the restaurant industry and making it more convenient with Fudy."

brööder kebab karl alex

Karl Toom & Alex Toom

Brööder Kebab

"We decided on Fudy because we saw that managing three food courier apps was a challenge – we wanted to pick one that's brand-based. We've had a really good relationship with Fudy since the beginning, and they've delivered exactly according to our vision. The Fudy team helps us develop and they want to squeeze the most out of us!"

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