Win 4 kg of Rannarootsi BBQ meat!

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Giving away combos for 3 meat lovers!

Order from Fudy for at least €30 between June 6–20 and automatically participate in a raffle of 4 kg of BBQ meat from Rannarootsi.

We’ll be contacting the winners on June 9, 19, and 21.

Campaign Rules

1. Fudy’s Midsummer’s Day raffle campaign “Win 4 kg of BBQ meat” will be held from 05.06.2023 to 21.06.2023. It is organised by Fudy Operations OÜ (address Tartu mnt 80, 10112 Tallinn) (from here on “the organiser”). During the campaign, on 9.06, 16.06 and 21.06 in total three sets of Rannarootsi meat products will be raffled out.

2. To participate in the raffle, one must make at least one order worth at least 30 € from Fudy delivery app from 05.06 to 20.06.2023. The 30 € is counted as the total value of the order, which includes both the price of the order and the delivery.

3. Only delivery orders are eligible to participate in the raffle. Pickup orders are not counted as part of the campaign.

4. Each order with a value of at least 30 € gives the participant one raffle ticket. The order is considered part of the raffle until the next raffle day. After the winner is raffled out, the order count will start from the beginning. In order to participate in the next raffle, one must make another order valued at least 30 €.

5. The number of orders per user is not limited. One user can make several orders.

6. The campaign is not limited by city. All delivery orders valued at least 30 € in all cities Fudy is operating in, are eligible.

7. On 9.06, 16.06 and 21.06, a Rannarootsi meat product gift set will be raffled out between all users who have placed an order valued at least 30 €. NB! For participating in all raffles, one must place a new order after the previous raffle day.

8. Rannarootsi meat products gift set consists of BBQ sweet cherry soft ribs, grilled sausage with grilled cheese, thin raw sausages from pork tenderloin, Viking’s shashlik, Teriyaki shashlik, Eesti Uluk smoked sausage from moose’s meat, Ehe pork ham, Jaani shashlik, grilled meat in herb butter marinade from pork neck, Teriyaki grilled meat. The total value of the prizes of the campaign is 160 €.

9. The winners are announced on the day of the raffle on Fudy’s social media channels, and the winners will be contacted directly to agree on the delivery of the prizes.

10. The prizes are delivered to the winners by the organiser, who will cover all costs related to the delivery.

11. The rules of the campaign are set by the organiser in this document. All decisions made about the campaign are final and mandatory for all participants.

12. By participating in the campaign, the user gives the organiser his/her consent to gather, organise and use his/her personal information. The personal information connected to the campaign (excluding information required to use the Fudy app in a standard way), will be deleted in a month after the end of the campaign.

13. Employees and family members of Fudy OÜ, AS Lihatööstus and other companies related to the organising of this campaign are not eligible for participation.

14. The organiser has the right to seize the campaign and end the raffle in case of unforeseen circumstances (force majeure) or when there appears to be a significant infringement in campaign rules, by announcing the end of the campaign in Fudy’s Facebook and Instagram channels.

15. In matters not covered by these rules, the laws of the Estonian Republic apply. All disputes will be settled according to the laws of the Estonian Republic.

16. All complaints regarding the campaign must be sent in a written form to the organiser at the following address: Fudy Operations OÜ, 10112 Tallinn, with the note “Fudy Midsummer’s Day raffle” by 25.06.2023.