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Make your food order management easy and efficient

Fudy Order & Pay QR code system speeds up the service, increases customer satisfaction, and boosts revenue.

Already used by restaurants in Estonia, Finland, and Latvia – the system is proven to be easy to implement, easy to use and helps you to grow your business. And with minimal commission fees!

Fudy Order & Pay – restaurant guests order instead of waiting

How does it work?

1. Scans the code πŸ“±
Guests scan the QR code on the table that opens your menu.

2. Orders and pays πŸ’³
Guests order and pay directly on the phone. The order will be sent to the kitchen.

3. Enjoys fast service πŸ˜‹
The waiter brings the order to the table or the guest gets notified when the order is ready for pickup.

Thanks to the self-service environment, the average order sum is up to 30% higher and the number of orders can increase by nearly 22%.

βœ“ Increased revenue
Guests can order at any time – more orders are placed in less time.

βœ“ Smaller costs
Your need for staff decreases and the process management is more efficient.

βœ“ Reduced workload
The order goes directly to the kitchen, reducing the workload on waiters.

Are you interested?

Boosts your restaurant’s revenue!

βœ“ Increased turnover

– The number of orders increased by up to 22%
– Average order price higher by 15-30%

βœ“ Convenience

– In sync with your existing POS system
– QR codes on tables according to your restaurant layout
– QR code stickers with your branding in mind
– Possibility to change the menu at any time

βœ“ Decisions based on your sales statistics

– Immediate access to sales statistics to help you make decisions that support sales

βœ“ Higher employee satisfaction

– 25% more time for employees to focus on orders and engage with guests
– Smooth service increases tipping rates

βœ“ A satisfied customer is a loyal customer

– Instead of waiting, guests are already ordering
– Online solution that doesn’t require downloading an app
– Option to leave a tip at checkout and/or after receiving the order
– Payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay or card

Not just for restaurants!

Fudy Order & Pay can be used wherever food is ordered: not just in restaurants, but also in hotels and at events to manage the hungry crowds gathered in front of food trucks!

How much does the QR solution cost?

The pricing of Fudy Order & Pay is transparent – there is no monthly fee, you only pay a small commission on orders.

βœ“ Inexpensive

βœ“ No subscription

βœ“ Risk-free

As specific pricing depends on a number of factors, please contact us for a personalised quote.

Getting started is quick and easy, it doesn’t require complex integrations

After you’ve accepted our offer:

1. Add your products to our online menu
2. You can order the QR codes from us
3. We set up the system together and train your staff

Ask for a personal offer!

Get in touch with us! We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.